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Office 365 Pills

Fast and without adverse reactions.

When we grab the pack of pills, we hope for an effect. Fast and without adverse reactions, to be able to get started again. No, we did not miss the point - but this comparison shows the plain idea and the innovative realization of the Office 365 Pills.

Office 365 is more than a simple service. With the Office 365 Pills initiative we try to show you how you can master business problems with Office 365. Office 365 Pills are short online webinars or on-site events in a city near you.

We started in 2014 the Pills project in the DACH region, organizing a road show of several afternoon sessions in different locations. We want to evolve this concept and provide a mix between online and on-site sessions.

Patrick Lamber

Patrick Lamber

Patrick has been a NET Developer for over 15 years, where his work has and commitment helped him obtain the Microsoft MVP for the past years. Since the launch of SharePoint in 2007, Patrick has provided services to customers across consulting, development, training & development; and also Office 365 once it was launched as a service.

With a Masters in Computer Science, Patrick is the founder of NUBO, a team of SharePoint and Office 365 experts who create, design and provide the right solutions for their clients. Fluent in Italian, English and German, Patrick and his team have worked with a number of different companies from different sectors including Telecommunications, Retail, Sports, Energy, Healthcare and Government.

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